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April 2024: norDL Monthly Performance Report

norDL Monthly Performance Report

🗓️ 17-May-2024

HODL, norDL Investors!

April brought significant developments to the crypto market, including the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event. However, the month also saw a market correction, highlighting the inherent volatility of the crypto landscape.

In April 2024, the crypto market experienced a downturn, with a notable decline of 16%. This market correction underscores the importance of a long-term investment perspective and the necessity of a diversified portfolio.

Bitcoin, faced a correction of 13% during the month. Despite the positivity surrounding the halving event, the month concluded with a bitcoin price correction.

This correction can be attributed to profit-taking by short-term investors who had anticipated the price surge ahead of the event, leading to a temporary downturn in prices.

Let’s check out the detailed performance of the Crypto Index Funds over the last month.

Performance of Crypto Index Funds:

Our Crypto Index Funds saw varying returns in April, reflecting the market’s volatility.

Monthly returns ranged from -11.44% to -36.15%. A major downfall in crypto index funds occurred during the last week of April as the crypto market corrected sharply.

Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance in April.

However, looking at the broader picture, the 4-month returns ranged from -7.14% to +42.84%, demonstrating the importance of a long-term investment horizon and the benefits of diversification.

Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance:

The Bitcoin halving was the most significant event of the month, impacting market dynamics and contributing to the market correction. Despite the short-term downturn, the halving is generally viewed as a positive development for Bitcoin’s long-term value.

norDL Investors continued to embrace the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) method as a right strategy to navigate market volatility and maintain consistency in their investment approach.

Moreover, incorporating Crypto Index Funds into their investment strategy last month further enhanced portfolio diversification and reduced risk

norDL Updates:

We are pleased to announce new improvement to the norDL app!

Quick login options, including FaceID, Fingerprint ID, and PIN login, have been added to provide you with a faster and more secure login experience. This update reflects our commitment to improving user experience and ensuring the security of your investments.

As we move into May, we’ll be launching the Crypto Basket feature, designed to help you create, share and invest in your own crypto fund. This new tool will provide a streamlined way to diversify your investments and collaborate with others in the crypto community. Get ready to take your crypto investing to the next level!

Thank you for choosing norDL as your trusted partner in you crypto investment journey.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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