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Introducing Crypto Basket Feature: Craft Crypto Funds for Yourself and Others

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🗓️ 13-May-2024

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking feature on norDL App: Crypto Basket.

Crypto Basket now allows you to create, share, track, and invest in personalized crypto funds tailored to your unique investment goals and preferences.

The origin of Crypto Basket

Driven by the feedback and desires of our dedicated user base, Crypto Basket was born from the aspiration to provide a platform where users can take control of their crypto investments in a simple yet powerful way.

norDL users expressed a desire to craft their own crypto funds, experiment with investment strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences. Crypto Basket is our response to that call.

A powerful tool for smart crypto investors

Crypto Basket isn’t just about creating personalized Fund—it’s about learning and growing as an investor.

Let’s dive into the exciting features and benefits of Crypto Basket:

Create Crypto Fund:

Craft your own personalized crypto fund, or “basket,” by selecting from a wide range of cryptocurrencies available on the norDL platform. Allocate percentages to each cryptocurrency to reflect your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

Track Performance:

Track the performance of your Crypto Basket over time and make informed decisions to optimize your investment strategy. Explore the Leaderboard to see how your basket stacks up against others and gain valuable insights into top-performing portfolios.

Share Your Investment Strategy:

Share your Crypto Basket with friends, followers, and fellow crypto enthusiasts using the app’s built-in sharing functionality. Showcase your investment strategy and invite others to explore the exciting world of crypto investing with you.

Watchlist Crypto Baskets:

Keep an eye on other users’ public crypto baskets by adding them to your watchlist. Monitor their performance, learn from their composition and strategy, and potentially invest in them at a later time. The watchlist feature provides valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration within the crypto community.

Crypto Basket Leaderboard: A Hub of Inspiration

Central to the Crypto Basket feature is the Leaderboard—a dynamic leaderboard that tracks the performance of all published crypto baskets. Users can explore rankings of Crypto Baskets based on various timeframes, from daily to quarterly, and discover top-performing crypto portfolios.

It’s not just about competition; it’s about inspiration and education. Seeing what strategies are working for others can spark new ideas and insights for your own investment journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Crypto Basket provides a safe and intuitive space to explore the intricacies of the market.

What’s Next?

While Crypto Basket is launching in beta, this is just the beginning. Shortly, users can look forward to the ability to invest in their own crypto baskets, as well as earn when others invest in theirs.

We’re committed to continually evolving and enhancing the Crypto Basket experience based on user feedback and needs.

Get Started Today!

At its core, Crypto Basket embodies our app’s mission to provide safe, simple, and effective crypto investment options for smart crypto investors.

Whether you’re looking to build your own crypto portfolio, learn from others, or simply explore the possibilities, We invite you to try the Crypto Basket.

Click here for Crypto Basket Guide

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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