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Jan 2023: norDL Monthly Performance Report

norDL Monthly Performance Report

🗓️ 01-Feb-2023

HODL, norDL Investors!

What an incredible month that was for the crypto market!

norDL is completing the first month with a very positive result across the board. Investors on norDL have comfortably beat the market without worrying too much about the market directions.

After months of negative sentiments, the crypto market has likely bottomed in December. We have seen a strong rebound in the crypto market over the month. The crypto market is likely to remain strong over the upcoming months. However, We have created crypto Index funds to help you invest comfortably in good cryptos to make sure that you’re investing in a well-diversified portfolio irrespective of market conditions.

Let’s explore the Crypto Index Funds and the Crypto Market performance over the last month.

Crypto Index Fund Performance:

Over the last month crypto market has posted a gain of 29.50%. In the same period, Our Crypto Index Funds have gained up to 66.40% from the launch of funds.

Check out the following graph to understand each fund’s performance compared to the crypto market performance from the launch of the funds.

Investors on norDL have seen the power of safe, simple, and effective investing. We are confident that if the market continues the uptrend then our Crypto Index Funds are likely to perform in line with the market. Remember, Crypto Market is volatile and still finding its ground after months of negative sentiment. We may see some volatility at this junction.

However, You don’t need to predict the market, just invest regularly a small amount and stay invested in the market. Investors who have invested regularly since the launch of the norDL platform have comfortably captured all positive upside moves of the crypto market without knowing the direction because of the investment in the right assets. When the market rebounds, the quality crypto assets can show strength and rebound strong.

Why Investing regularly is essential?

Keep Investing Regularly to not miss any opportunities. For Example, $AVAX gained as much as 80% in the last 30 days after the Amazon partnership news. Our Investors in Blockchain Fortune Index Fund have captured this appreciation by investing in the best blockchain companies in the crypto market. You can not predict when the big player would announce a good partnership or news, but you can be sure that the good players in Crypto Market continue to grow and build their businesses to keep their leadership position.

norDL Updates:

We have received thoughtful feedback from the current investors on our platform. In the last month, We have improved many processes and web experiences for users. We are also working on making the website mobile-friendly so that you can invest in norDL at your fingertips. We’ll enable a chat support feature in the upcoming month to help you resolve your queries quickly.

We are only a few days away from launching the Crypto SIP feature that will automate your crypto investing without opening the app and placing orders manually. You will be able to invest regularly with Crypto SIP on auto mode. In addition, You will be able to invest Weekly, Every 15 Days, Monthly, and Quarterly soon. Get ready to make your investment very easy and effective with Crypto SIP.

Keep HODLing on norDL, and Keep Giving us your valuable feedback to help us make norDL a better platform for Crypto Investing.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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