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May 2023: norDL Monthly Performance Report

norDL Monthly Performance Report

🗓️ 03-Jun-2023

HODL norDL Investors!

In May, the Crypto market experienced a pullback after an extended period of one-sided movement since January.

Similar to the stock market, the crypto market is subject to both positive and negative return months. However, trying to predict whether a particular month will yield positive or negative returns is nearly impossible.

While the market’s trajectory in recent months had been predominantly positive, May marked a shift in momentum. This pullback served as a reminder that even in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, fluctuations and corrections are a natural part of the market cycle.

Long-term investors are taking advantage of the pullback to continue building their portfolio. Investors on norDL are taking advantage of the diversification as well with Crypto Index Funds to reduce the downside risk and increase the potential upside for their portfolio over time.

Let’s check out the Crypto Index Funds and the Crypto Market performance over the last month.

In May, the crypto market posted a return of –4.00%. In the same period, Crypto Index Funds performed between -3.35% to -10.60%. Two of the Crypto Index Funds performed better than the crypto market by up to +0.65% in May.

Check out the following graph to understand each fund’s performance in May.

Crypto Index Funds are standing strong even after the recent correction in the market. Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance from Jan-May 2023:

norDL Updates:

norDL investor community is growing fast. We are learning and making norDL better from investor feedback.

We’re accelerating our effort to bring awareness about the norDL by partnering with different crypto communities across the world over the next couple of months. We are thankful for all the investors who are actively using norDL for their investments. Keep sending your valuable feedback to help us build the best crypto investment experience on norDL.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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