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norDL Performance Report 2023: A Year of Resilience and Growth

norDL Updates

🗓️ 12-Jan-2024

HODL norDL Investors,

As we reflect on the past year, we are pleased to share the journey of resilience and growth within the crypto market.

Despite challenges and uncertainties, the norDL investor community has stood strong, and our Crypto Index Funds have delivered commendable performances.

Let’s check out the detailed performance of the Crypto Market and norDL Index Funds over the last year.

Yearly Market Overview:

The year kicked off with an air of extreme negativity and skepticism surrounding Crypto assets.

However, a noteworthy shift occurred in the middle of the year when major institutional players, including BlackRock, expressed interest in Bitcoin and sought approval for a Bitcoin ETF from the SEC.

Following this initiative, numerous other prominent institutional players hopped on the Bitcoin ETF bandwagon.

The prospect of Bitcoin transitioning into mainstream acceptance via the Bitcoin ETF instilled a surge of positivity not only in Bitcoin but also across the entire crypto market.

Notably, Bitcoin showcased remarkable growth throughout 2023, concluding the year with an impressive gain of 154.45%.

Overall, the crypto market experienced a steady upward trajectory, characterized by consistently positive sentiments and encouraging performances.

norDL Index Fund Performance:

Let’s take a closer look at the performances of each Crypto Index Fund. The yearly returns varied, with standout performances from the Crypto Bluechip Index Fund, which posted a notable gain of 151.72% in the 2023.

Investment Strategies:

Our investors stuck to their plans and stayed consistent in their investment approaches, with many benefiting from the systematic investment plan (SIP) method to handle market fluctuations.

A considerable number of investors also adjusted their investments wisely, especially when the market was more unpredictable.

Check out the returns from different SIP strategies for each fund. It demonstrates how these methods worked well for norDL investors.

It shows that having a plan and making thoughtful adjustments can pay off in the crypto investment world.

Comparison with Traditional Investments:

Our Crypto Index Funds did really well compared to regular investment choices. They gave good returns, showing they can compete with other options.

norDL stands out because it lets you spread your investments in crypto assets and be a part of the growing trends in the crypto market.

Check out the graph for a quick comparison between norDL Index Funds, Bitcoin and Nasdaq:

And guess what? norDL funds went up a fantastic 151.72%, proving they’re doing great in the market.

Here’s another interesting fact: If someone diversified their traditional S&P 500 investment and a Crypto Blue Chip Index Fund in the following ratio, they could have boosted their S&P 500 performance by up to 42.03%!

And all this while still keeping their investment in crypto assets on the lower side. It just goes to show the power of a smart, diversified approach to investing.

Crypto Market Volatility Analysis:

While the crypto market experienced notable upward movement over the course of the year, it was not without its share of volatility.

There were instances of corrections, with the market witnessing fluctuations of up to 20%. Moreover, the most recent upward trend lasted for an impressive 50%+.

This highlights the challenges of attempting to predict or trade in such a dynamic market, where one could easily end up on the wrong side of the trends.

On the flip side, individuals practicing Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) were able to comfortably capture the substantial upward movement in the crypto market throughout 2023.

norDL Updates:

In 2023, we introduced impactful investment products tailored for our users. With norDL, users can invest in Crypto Index Funds and Top Crypto Assets.

Additionally, users now have the ability to automate their investments through features such as Crypto SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and Crypto DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging).

Throughout the year, we prioritized education with Crypto Tools. We worked on investors’ understanding of the crypto market, empowering them to make informed decisions.

The community’s input is of great significance to us. The invaluable feedback provided by norDL investors has played a crucial role in improving the norDL platform.

A road ahead for norDL in 2024:

We’re happy about the recent approval of 11 Bitcoin ETF by SEC. This is a big step for more people considering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as investments. We aim to speed up the acceptance of crypto as an investment through norDL.

To achieve the goal, norDL has plans to introduce following new features in the coming year,

  • norDL App launch on iOS and Android
  • Launch of New and Trending Crypto Funds
  • Launch of more leading Crypto Assets for DCA
  • Launch of Crypto Baskets
  • Much More…

Keep checking norDL monthly reports to stay up to date with new and upcoming feature launch.

We congratulate norDL investors on their commitment to the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) investment strategy. This disciplined approach has not only proven effective in managing risk but has also maximized opportunities in a thriving market.

Thank you for being an integral part of the norDL community. We look forward to another year of success and growth.

Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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