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October 2023: norDL Monthly Performance Report

norDL Monthly Performance Report

🗓️ 07-Nov-2023

HODL, norDL Investors!

October brought significant developments to the crypto market, and the positive trend continues.

In October, the crypto market displayed remarkable resilience with a strong performance of +15.22%.

This exceptional performance reflects a thriving market and a bullish sentiment in the crypto market.

Bitcoin turned October into Uptober by surging up to +23.90%.

Let’s check out the detailed performance of the Crypto Index Funds over the last month.

Performance of Crypto Index Funds:

Our Crypto Index Funds continued to excel, delivering performances ranging from 3.81% to 21.84% in October.

Notably, the BTC ETH Ratio Fund stood out as the top performer, achieving substantial gains.

Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance in October.

4 out of 5 Crypto Index Funds have outperformed compared to the crypto market in the last month.

If we look at the overall performance, Crypto Index Funds have given positive returns of up to +86.76% in the last 10 months.

Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance in 2023:

A significant event that influenced the market in October was the SEC’s decision to decline an appeal related to Grayscale’s lawsuit. This decision has sparked optimism about the potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the coming months.

Our investors prioritised the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) method in October, maintaining consistency in their investment strategy. This approach has proven particularly effective, especially during a bullish trend.

By staying invested and consistently contributing during an uptrend, investors can benefit from the potential for long-term growth and compounding returns.

The disciplined practice of DCA not only helps manage risk but also maximizes opportunities in a thriving market.

This strategy aligns with our commitment to providing tools and guidance for informed, steady, and successful crypto investments. Don’t miss out on utilising DCA strategy in your investment!

norDL Updates:

At norDL, we are thrilled to witness the continuous growth and positive developments in the crypto market.

As we look forward to the upcoming month, we are excited to be by your side, helping you navigate the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

norDL app is nearing the final stages of development, and we are eagerly looking forward to delivering a seamless crypto investment experience to you.

Thank you for choosing norDL, and we’re here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed investment decisions. Feel free to contact us if you’re facing any issues with norDL.

HODL strong, and let’s embrace the future of crypto investments together!

Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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