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September 2023: norDL Monthly Performance Report

norDL Monthly Performance Report

🗓️ 09-Oct-2023

HODL, norDL Investors!

September brought noteworthy developments to the crypto market, defying the historical trend of negative performances during this month.

In September, the crypto market showcased resilience with a positive performance of +3.70%. This performance is particularly remarkable as it breaks the three-year trend of negative Septembers.

Bitcoin led the way, surging up to +7.50%, signaling a bullish sentiment that prevailed throughout the month.

Let’s check out the detailed performance of the Crypto Index Funds over the last month.

Performance of Crypto Index Funds:

Our Crypto Index Funds delivered a strong performance, ranging from +0.79% to +9.10% in September. The standout performer among the funds was the DeFi Focused Index Fund, which posted the highest gains.

Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance in September.

2 out of 5 Crypto Index Funds have outperformed compared to the crypto market in the last 30 days.

If we look at the overall performance, Crypto Index Funds have given positive returns of up to +53.49% in the last 9 months.

Check out the following graph to know each fund’s performance in 2023:

Despite minor setbacks, such as a delayed decision by SEC regarding a Bitcoin ETF, the overall market sentiment remained bullish. The positive performance of Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole suggests growing confidence and interest from investors.

Our investors have remained committed in their investment strategy, mirroring the approach from the previous month.

At norDL, investors continue to prioritize the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) method as a dependable means for achieving long-term growth and stability.

Moreover, they have consistently diversified their portfolios by investing in our Crypto Index Funds, effectively managing risk while optimizing returns over time.

norDL Updates:

We’re empowering crypto investors every month with our valuable Crypto Tools, enabling you to make informed investment decisions. To sustain this momentum, we are excited to introduce the Crypto DCA Calculator. Now, you can assess the performance of the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy for the leading cryptocurrencies over time.

Exciting news on the norDL front! Our app is in its final stages of development and is preparing for launch very soon. We can’t wait to provide you with a seamless crypto investment experience.

We appreciate the valuable feedback received from our users. Your input continues to shape our platform and services to offer you the best possible crypto investment experience.

Invest Right and HODL Tight!

Disclaimer: Crypto is a volatile and slightly risky asset due to its novel nature. Please Consult your financial advisor to allocate appropriate funds to invest in crypto assets apart from your traditional investing.

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